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After first envisioning a logo & brand identity for Zettacap, Ripley Studios has created marketing materials, presentaitons, and landing pages in addition to designing and developing Zettacap’s website.

Zettacap is a Washington, DC-based technology startup that uses 21st-century data sources and Big Data analysis techniques to provide investors with the next level of financial analysis. After first envisioning the company’s logo & brand identity, Ripley Studios has created marketing materials, presentaitons, landing pages, and much more for Zettacap.

A landing page design that Ripley Studios created for Zettacap.
Zettacap Landing Page

Zettacap Branding Process & Inspiration

The Zettacap brand is centered around technology and finance. Innovative techniques are used in each of the brand’s products, so forward thinking and innovation served as inspiration for the brand’s logo and typography. The company’s color palette evokes a sense of stability and steadfastness, important ideas for a financial startup to convey. After many iterations, the letter ‘z’ was chosen as the brand’s icon. ‘Z’ is memorable and dynamic, a fitting monogram for the company.

A full-color mockup of the Zettacap logo.
Zettacap’s logo design

After designing the brand identity, Ripley Studios was able to use the brand’s newly created style guide to aid the development of other brand materials, like landing pages, reports, and presentations.

Zettacap user interface design
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