Vivid Properties

Brand Identity

Vibrant, saturated, and vivid colors make the identity system that Ripley Studios created for Vivid Properties stand out from the crowd.

The brand identity that Ripley Studios created for Vivid Properties is, in a word, vivid. Using the most vibrant color palette the CMYK color space will allow, the logo and stationery system is impactful, memorable, and ultra-modern. Irregular ‘color block’ shapes and the monoline Denver skyline define the brand’s visual language.

Vivid Properties brand identity system, as applied to their stationery.
Vivid Properties Brand Identity

By adding a gold foil-stamped element to the brand’s materials, the company is positioned as luxurious (in the modern, more accessible sense of the word) and bold. Overprinting the colors in the brand’s skyline logo adds detail and intrigue, as well as tie the individual colored segments of the logo together in an organic way.

The Vivid Properties brand is young and growing, so you can expect to see their materials pop up in the Denver area soon. Check back to see what new materials we’ve created as their brand grows!

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