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Product Packaging Design

Synchro Nutritionals wanted a bottle design that would position their product as premium, natural, and effective. Ripley Studios created a bottle that stands out on the shelf, and matches the company’s existing products.

Synchro Nutritionals is a natural, holistic food supplement company that focuses on promoting their products as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The company started with Synchro Genesis, a protein and superfood supplement. When Synchro wanted to expand their product line to offer Synchro Gold, a turmeric-based supplement, they contacted Ripley Studios to create a bottle that would stand out on shelves, and look great next to Genesis.

Synchro Gold Turmeric Elixir Bottle
Synchro Nutritional’s Gold Bottle Design

By using a brown glass bottle, the product is positioned as natural and wholesome. A crisp, white label adds to this effect, and the leaf texture used in the label’s colored boxes helps to round out the product’s positioning.

Synchro Gold and Synchro Genesis Product Packaging Design
The new Synchro Gold bottle next to Synchro Genesis

Ripley Studios also teamed up with Synchro to create web banner ads to promote the company’s new product. Using design cues taken from Synchro’s packaging designs, and highlighting the brand’s key blue color, the new banner ads are designed to ‘pop’ off a web page.

As Synchro Nutritionals is a young and growing company with fresh new ideas, you can expect to see more exciting projects here in the near future.

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