Athletic Alliance

Sports Supplement Rebranding

Reimagining the Athletic Alliance brand and packaging to suit an evolving marketplace and new demographics.

Our two primary objectives in rebranding Athletic Alliance’s Sports Supplements were to develop a brand persona more in-line with current market trends, and also to create packaging that would resonate with a more mature audience.

Rebranding Sports Supplements

The years following the development of the original Athletic Alliance product line have seen a shift in market trends away from loud, vibrant packaging and toward clean, clinical-inspired designs. Heavy use of white is common industry practice, as are clean and tidy typographic styles. Seeing this, we moved away from effects, and worked with clean, typographic-driven designs. Diagonal accents convey motion and energy, and connect the logo and typography. Using an extended set of typefaces gives the brand a sense of stability and strength. Matching, supporting logos were also created alongside the brand’s primary logo.

The color purple is an underutilized, and therefore, a unique and memorable primary brand color. It’s also very on-trend for 2017, which made it an ideal choice for this rebranding project.

Sports Supplement Packaging

Athletic Alliance Sports Supplement Family
The rebranded Athletic Alliance product family

The same design principals that made the logo redesign so successful were then brought to bear on the brand’s product line. The packaging redesign focused again on resonating with a more mature audience. Correcting read order concerns was also high on the agenda for the packaging redesign effort. Product names are presented extremely clearly, with accompanying color or texture panels unique to each product to ease in product differentiation. When designing packaging, it’s extremely important to present consumers with the information they’re looking for, and in the correct visual hierarchy by order of that information’s importance.

While “clinical” is the new black in sports supplement branding, shelf presence is still vital to maintain in a crowded marketplace. If a consumer never notices a product on the shelf, that package never has the chance to become part of a purchase consideration, or make a branding impression. The use of metallic silver in our packaging helps us find the best of both worlds, remaining clinical, but standing out on the shelf at the same time.

The resulting packaging line is much more well rounded and mature than the previous versions, which can be seen here. As an added bonus, the new packaging is easy to expand upon, and due to the continued success of the brand, more Athletic Alliance products are always on the horizon!

Athletic Alliance t-shirt
Athletic Alliance Havok-137 promotional T-shirt.
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