Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch

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Energy drink design and product launch materials for Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch. Canadian Punch is a zero-calorie variant of the much beloved line of Canadian energy drinks.

Whether for a single SKU or an entire line of products, launching a new energy drink is a challenge. An energy drink design and product launch takes planning, branding, packaging, and many supporting materials. When British Columbia-based Beaver Buzz wanted to expand their product line with a zero-calorie offering, they turned to Ripley Studios for help. We provided the expertise and skills necessary to successfully carry out their energy drink design and product launch.

Energy Drink Design: Can & 4-pack

Energy drink design for Beaver Buzz zero caloire Canadian Punch
The Canadian Punch energy drink design.

The Beaver Buzz brand is already well established throughout Canada. Capitalizing on that popularity, the layout and overall style of the Canadian Punch design is as close to the existing SKUs as possible. A key differentiating element of the zero-calorie Canadian Punch flavor is its white and silver, flame patterned background. Pure white signifies the purity and lightness of a zero-calorie product. The silver flame pattern embodies energy, and hints at burning calories, a central use case. Most other design elements have been aesthetically updated, but remain consistent with the rest of the Beaver Buzz line. When a brand already works, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, only to make it roll more smoothly.

An energy drink design for the Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch 4-pack.
The Canadian Punch 4-pack design.

Social Media & Marketing Materials

In addition to the energy drink can and 4-pack designs, Ripley Studios designed numerous launch support materials. This included marketing applications for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. Physical media like posters and die-cut stickers were also designed, drawing attention to the new product on store shelves. The white and silver flame pattern was carried through to most of these materials, in keeping with the new, zero-calorie Canadian Punch brand. Dynamic, interesting typography, and secondary brand elements like the maple leaf, serve to tie everything together.

Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch energy die-cut sticker design.
Die-cut cooler sticker design for Canadian Punch energy.

Are you interested in exceptional energy drink design or branding for your company? Contact Ripley Studios. We design energy drinks, soda labels, and everything else brands need to one-up their competition in crowded markets.

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