Beaver Buzz Energy Branding Update

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An energy drink brand refresh and slight pivot for Canada’s Beaver Buzz Energy!

Beaver Buzz is Canada’s Energy Drink! Founded in 2005 by brothers Andrew and James Drayson, the company is well known throughout Canada as a strong, independent contender in the beverage industry.

Beaver Buzz cane sugar badge logos, created as part of the Beaver Buzz brand refresh
Secondary badge logo variations created for Beaver Buzz Energy

The brand’s primary logo is well loved, having already created millions of impressions on Canadian consumers. Changing the primary logo was out of the question from the beginning of the project, instead we focused more on creating secondary logos, supporting visual elements, and other assets to help the brand create a more rich and vibrant visual language.

These visual elements were then applied to branded media. Sales materials, POS assets, social media graphics, and print advertisements were all created and updated as part of the project.

A print ad for Beaver Buzz Energy
Beaver Buzz Energy print advertisement design
Sales materials for Beaver Buzz created by Ripley Studios
Beaver Buzz sales media design

The result of the project is a Beaver Buzz Energy brand that is more robust and ready to make a stronger connection with consumers both digitally and in print.

Beaver Buzz Trade Show Banner Design
Beaver Buzz 4-pack box design
Beaver Buzz 4-pack box design.
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