Ascent Air Club

Logo Design

Ripley Studios created this modern and sophisticated logo design for the Bozeman, Montana-based Ascent Air Club.

The Ascent Airlines primary 'ascending aircraft' logo
The Ascent Airlines primary logo

Ascent Air Club’s logo design is rooted in the brand’s personality and identity. Ascent presents a private flying club experience, targeting wealthy travelers seeking outdoor adventure. Using the Embraer Phenom 100 jet aircraft, the company flies members from across the Western United States to their primary resort destination of Bozeman, Montana. An expanded list of resort destinations including Aspen, CO, Lake Tahoe, CA, and Jackson Hole, WY is planned for the near future.

The Ascent Airlines full brand identity system
The Ascent Airlines brand identity system

Though many different styles and concepts were initially considered, our design focus shifted to imagery fairly soon after the project began. We wanted a branding mark that could represent the idea of an ascending aircraft in a sleek, sophisticated way.

The Ascent Airlines logo mocked up on a business card
Ascent’s logo mocked up on a business card

The challenge that comes with choosing such a common symbol as a brand herald is differentiation—how would our aircraft logo be unique to all others? The solution here was using negative and positive space to accentuate the logo’s ‘ascending’ movement, creating a sophisticated logo that will resonate with the company’s target audience.

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