ACMR Advogados

Brand Identity Design

Ripley Studios created a logo and brand identity for ACMR Advogados, a law from from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

ACMR Advogados is a Brazilian law firm focusing on political and business law. They describe their brand as young, masculine, serious, and luxurious. To evoke these ideas visually, Ripley Studios crafted a brand identity design from classical, serif typefaces, incorporating a powerful color palette to create a sense of masculinity.

ACMR Advogado's brand identity design as created by Nathan Ripley
ACMR Advogados Identity

An identity system, as opposed to just a logo, is a series of visual elements that tie a brand together. Colors, textures, typefaces, images, icons, and more can all be part of a brand’s identity. Once designed, these elements are used across the spectrum of a company’s materials, ensuring that the brand is represented consistently regardless of medium.

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