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Graphic Designer and Creative Director, Nathan Ripley

Nathan Ripley

Owner & Creative Director

Shortly after graduating from Carthage College with a degree in graphic design, I decided to take an independent path and launch my own design business. A jack-of-all-trades, I found that my skill set was a good fit for freelancing, and soon discovered a niche for myself in designing logos and brand identities. A lifelong learner, I have since diversified, and today offer services that range from packaging design to front-end development.

I like to team up directly with my clients, which allows me to turn their ideas into polished, effective design products. Over the past four years, I have been fortunate enough to work with businesses in a variety of fields, including technology and startup companies, service industries, retail environments, and the food and industrial sectors. Working with businesses across the country, I have taken pride in creating logos and brand identities, business cards, websites and web applications, food and supplement packaging, marketing materials, presentations, and much more.

Outside of work, I like to spend time outdoors. I enjoy hiking and camping when it’s warm, snowboarding (among other snow sports) when it’s cold, and photography and beer year-round.

If you have questions about what I can do for you or your brand, please get in touch.

Graphic designer Kenneth Sabbar

Kenneth Sabbar

Design Consultant

Hello. My name is Kenneth, but you can call me Ken.

I too graduated from Carthage College with a background encompassing design, photography, and audiovisual, though my experience goes a bit further than that. I started doing photography before I was a teenager and learned photography in the analog realm, manually rolling, developing, and printing 35mm film. My main influence in the world of graphic design also is analog—having spent several years approaching design in a physical way through the process of printmaking, preceded by years of being the kid that draws the best in the class.

However, I’m new school meets old school. I’ve spent my life working in the digital world as well and pride myself in being proficient at design in a variety of mediums.?? In working with clients, I offer a perspective of understanding the fundamentals of design and approach work in a way that starts from the bottom up. I also understand the importance of the finer details and respect for the process of creating design work.

??Outside work, I’m a musician and a computer nerd. I enjoy collecting guitar pedals and synthesizers, and every now and then you can find me tinkering with electronics.

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