Packaging Design

Crim City Craft Soda Branding

Crim City's original craft soda flavors, as designed by Ripley Studios

A complete brand creation and product launch project for Crim City Craft Soda, a premium craft soda with a young target audience.

Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch

Soda Product Launch for Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch

Energy drink design and product launch materials for Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch. Canadian Punch is a zero-calorie variant of the much beloved line of Canadian energy drinks.

Cock ‘n Bull

Soda Label Design by Ripley Studios

A case study covering soda label design, POS designs, branding, and marketing / sales pieces for Cock ‘n Bull, a premium quality ginger beer soda brand.


OxygenMax Supplement Packaging Design

This branding and supplement packaging design project created a more refined and authentic brand persona for Colorado-based Hightly.

Synchro Nutritionals

Synchro Gold Bottle Design

Synchro Nutritionals wanted a bottle design that would position their product as premium, natural, and effective. Ripley Studios created a bottle that stands out on the shelf, and matches the company’s existing products.

Makeway Wellness

Makeway Wellness's Ignite EFC Packaging Design

Makeway Welness wanted a packaging design that would showcase their new, all-natural energy drink mix. Ripley Studios created a vibrant, impactful sachet and box design to grab customer attention.

Athletic Alliance

Athletic Alliance's product line, as designed by Ripley Studios

Athletic Alliance is a sports nutrition company based out of Vancouver, Canada. Ripley Studios first created a brand identity for Athletic Alliance, then used these identity guidelines to create their product packaging, advertising, and marketing materials.