Packaging Design

Athletic Alliance

The Athletic Alliance Product Lineup

Reimagining the Athletic Alliance brand and packaging to suit an evolving marketplace and new demographics.

Crim City Craft Soda Branding

Crim City's original craft soda flavors, as designed by Ripley Studios

A complete brand creation and product launch project for Crim City Craft Soda, a premium craft soda with a young target audience.

Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch

Soda Product Launch for Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch

Energy drink design and product launch materials for Beaver Buzz Canadian Punch. Canadian Punch is a zero-calorie variant of the much beloved line of Canadian energy drinks.

Cock ‘n Bull

Soda Label Design by Ripley Studios

A case study covering soda label design, POS designs, branding, and marketing / sales pieces for Cock ‘n Bull, a premium quality ginger beer soda brand.


OxygenMax Supplement Packaging Design

This branding and supplement packaging design project created a more refined and authentic brand persona for Colorado-based Hightly.

Synchro Nutritionals

Synchro Gold Bottle Design

Synchro Nutritionals wanted a bottle design that would position their product as premium, natural, and effective. Ripley Studios created a bottle that stands out on the shelf, and matches the company’s existing products.

Makeway Wellness

Makeway Wellness's Ignite EFC Packaging Design

Makeway Welness wanted a packaging design that would showcase their new, all-natural energy drink mix. Ripley Studios created a vibrant, impactful sachet and box design to grab customer attention.

Athletic Alliance

Athletic Alliance's product line, as designed by Ripley Studios

Athletic Alliance is a sports nutrition company based out of Vancouver, Canada. Ripley Studios first created a brand identity for Athletic Alliance, then used these identity guidelines to create their product packaging, advertising, and marketing materials.